Shoes make an outfit, hands down. When you feel great about the shoes on your feet, everything else seems to fall into place. Sacrificing comfort for style is a thing of the past, as shoe designers are now making sure your tootsies feel as good as they look. Not only that, but itโ€™s important to have comfy footwear when youโ€™re running back and forth to classes all day!

Aldo is one shoe designer that focuses on both style and comfort. Their wide selection of shoes, bags and accessories for both women and men make it easy to find something you love, and that your feet will love, too! Compliment your new shoes with a cute bag or some accessories (or both), and youโ€™ve got a recipe for feeling and looking great! The perfect reward for the hard-working student.

How To Get The Aldo College Student Discount

Redeem your 10% discount with Aldo through Totum, a popular student discount card and app. Just sign up for a free account, enter your student info, and youโ€™re off to find your new favorite pair of shoes in minutes!

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