Starting out in your adult life, it can be tricky figuring out where to shop. Youโ€™re limited on time and money as a busy student, so finding the one place that has it all โ€” and at reasonable prices โ€” is essential! If youโ€™ve never tried wholesale shopping, you might want to look into it; itโ€™s a great way to save money, time, and effort. But where should you shop for wholesale goods, and which retailers are the most affordable?

BJโ€™s is a fantastic wholesale retailer for all your shopping needs. From meat to produce and everything in between, theyโ€™ve got all your essentials in stock, and for extremely reasonable prices. They also help you save even more by accepting all manufacturerโ€™s coupons, provide you with additional coupon books, and offer a membership to allow you even bigger discounts!ย 

How To Get The BJโ€™s College Student Discount

BJโ€™s goes even further in the savings department when it comes to students: youโ€™ll get a discount of $30 off your membership when you sign up through Unidays! Just go here to get your free account, and once youโ€™ve entered your student details, you can shop for all you need in one convenient place (and at a huge bargain)!

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