Thereโ€™s nothing like curling up with a good book and just letting the hours fly by. Unfortunately, the busier our lives get, the less time we have for reading, which is definitely true for students! This is a shame, as so much important knowledge is gained through books, as well as the ability to escape the real world (which we all need sometimes).

Blinkist had an amazing idea to combat this problem, and itโ€™s growing into something huge. Their product โ€œblinksโ€ books, meaning it takes the core ideas within the book and creates a 15 minute โ€œblink,โ€ available through audio or text. This way, you can still gain the benefits of reading even if you donโ€™t have the spare time. Genius!

How To Get The Blinkist College Student Discount

Blinkist offers a general discount, and while itโ€™s not specifically geared toward students, you can benefit from it just the same. Your first yearโ€™s membership cost will be 20% off by signing up with Blinkist, which is amazing considering they have over 4,500 titles (and counting) for you to choose from!

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