Smart phones are pretty much a given nowadays โ€” a quick walk down any street will yield numerous sightings of people talking, texting, or scrolling through some site or another. But phones are both fragile and expensive, which is why cases have become such a popular accessory. Students know all about this, and many of you are great at finding the most creative case possible for your constant companions. But some of these cases can be expensive, no matter how much you need them!ย 

Casetify is a leading retailer in phone protection, bringing you the most interesting, creative, and funky phone cases on the market. They aim to honor the individual in you by providing a case to match every personality, style, and quirk there is. From cute or sassy messages to funky art designs, Casetify has a case for every individual. Protect your phone with your own unique style, standing out from the crowd in the best way!

How To Get The Casetify College Student Discount

Casetify wants to help students find their favorite phone case by making the cost a little easier on your already-strained wallet. This is why theyโ€™ve partnered with Unidays โ€” to make the cost and the shopping process even easier for you! Just sign up for a free Unidays account, enter your details, and youโ€™ll instantly unlock your 15% discount. If youโ€™ve been looking for a reason to stand out, youโ€™ve just found it!

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