Everyone knows life is easier with a car, and for students that might be even more true. Living away from home or commuting to classes every day can be much harder when you have to rely on others (or public transportation) to get around. Having your own wheels is the ultimate freedom; you can come and go when you please, on your own time.ย 

Chevrolet have been creating reliable vehicles for decades and are the epitome of the American driving experience. From compact cars all the way up to big SUVโ€™s and pick-up trucks, you can pretty much guarantee youโ€™ll find the perfect vehicle for you within their wide range of options.

About The Chevrolet Student Discount Program

Chevy also wants to make it easier to get you on the road. They offer a $500 bonus cash back program to all current students, grad students and those of you who have recently graduated, too! On top of that, theyโ€™re offering an awesome financing plan that includes no payments for 90 days, as well as 0% APR for 72 months. That car sounds a little more possible now, right?

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