Suffering from hunger pangs as you walk around campus? Tummy rumbling as you sit through another mind-numbing lecture? Head to Arbyโ€™s! A brand that needs no introduction, this iconic chain of sandwich restaurants has been serving hungry customers since way back in 1964. Since then, Arbyโ€™s has grown into the 2nd largest brand of sandwich restaurants anywhere in the world.

Their huge sandwich menu boasts a host of delicious hot and cold fillings, with salads, meal deals, market-fresh produce, and limited-time specialties all up for grabs. They also have classic fast-food options to choose from, including chicken nuggets, fries, and even white cheddar mac n cheese.

How To Get The Arbyโ€™s College Student Discount

As a student, you can claim 10% off your entire meal! So, whether you want one of their spicy fish sandwiches, some curly fries, or a classic Jamocha shake, itโ€™s time to head down to your local Arbyโ€™s.

Redeeming the student discount couldnโ€™t be easier. Simply take your student ID with you to participating restaurants and show it to the cashier/waiter when you make your order.

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