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Get Multiple Benefits whent travel with the school opal card.

Maximum Student Benefits and Savings with Student Opal Card

ย Are you a student in Australia? If yes, then getting a student opal card is necessary to save money on your daily transportation expenses. With this opal card, you can access various modes of public transportation like buses, trains, ferries, and light rails. However, to maximize the benefits and save more on your transportation, itโ€™s essential to plan your travel in advance and take advantage of off-peak hours, discounts, and concessions.ย 

African American man text messaging on cell phone while commuting by public transport.
African American man text messaging on cell phone while commuting by public transport.

Besides saving money, itโ€™s also vital to know how to maintain your student opal card correctly. You should always keep your card safe and avoid bending, scratching, or punching holes on it. Be sure to check your balance regularly and top-up your card promptly to avoid getting stuck in the middle of your journey.ย 

In summary, if youโ€™re a student in Australia, donโ€™t miss the benefits of a student opal card. Plan your travel wisely, take advantage of discounts and concessions, and maintain your card correctly to save more on your transportation expenses.

Merits of school opal card for Maximum Savings

There are a lot of advantages that come with a working student opal card. The following is the comprehensive list of all the merits that come along with a student opal card:ย 

Discounted Fares

The most significant advantage of a student opal card is amazing discounts on fares. A student can avail of a discount of up to 50% on their transportation fares. Students can avail of these discounts on public transport facilities: buses, light rail, ferries, and trains. Ultimately, you can save a lot of money.ย 

Young girl with a suitcase and backpack is getting on a train, public transportation
Young girl with a suitcase and backpack is getting on a train, public transportation

Travel Capsย  || Save on public transport

One of the most significant merits of a student opal card is the weekly travel cap that a student gets while traveling. Hence, you can save more if you are frequently traveling. How can you save more? You will not have to pay more for that week once you reach the weekly travel cap. It means all your trips for that week are free. It can be incredible for students traveling long distances to their universities or colleges.ย 

Brings Convenience

Do you know that using a student opal card is one of the most convenient experiences you will have as a student? You do not need to follow any hard and fast rules. A student must tap on and off when boarding or exiting transport services. Just by doing this, the fare will be automatically dedicated from the card itself. So, students can avoid the hassle of carrying cash with them.ย 

Recharge Easily

The easy top-up options that are available with student opal cards are excellent. You need not worry about adding money to your opal card. A student can do it easily using options like phone, online payment, or even by visiting an opal retailer. Thus, with these easy steps, you can manage your transportation expenses conveniently.ย 

Special Offers

Not just on public transportation services, a student can get discounts on other facilities too. It includes discounts on food and other leisure activities. Hence, with one student opal card, you can get a lot of advantages and benefits other than just transport.ย 

Now we know about the advantages of having an opal card. However, are you also interested in getting one for yourself? How can you apply for a student opal card? Well, we are going to learn about it in the following section.ย 

How Can You Apply for Student Opal Card? (eligibility)

The process is easy if you look forward to getting a student opal card. Moreover, once you receive your card, you can use it immediately without further waiting. The only eligibility criteria you must meet to get a student opal card is admission to an eligible school or tertiary institution. You must follow the following small steps to get a student opal card:

Provide personal information that includes your name, student ID number, and date of birth.ย 

Also, a student has to provide proof of enrollment in a school where one is eligible to get a student.ย 

ย After these steps, you will get your student opal card in your email. Hence, you can use your card immediately and get all the benefits. There are some tips that one should always consider when using an opal card. Let us find out about it in detail in the following section.ย 

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Ferry in Sidney

Tips To Keep in Consideration When Using a Student Opal Card

Staying Careful While Tapping: You should be careful when tapping your card while boarding or exiting the transport. If you do not stay careful when tapping your card, additional deductions can be added. So, be alert and make sure that you tap your card well.ย 

Checking Balance Regularly: You must also keep a check on the balance. Sometimes, we need to check the funds available on the card. So, to avoid that, ensure you have sufficient funds to cover your travel costs.ย 

ย Paying In Advance: You can also pay your travel expenses in advance. By doing this, you can cover your trips in advance to avoid paying for them later. Hence, a student can stay stress-free and enjoy the journey.ย 


In student life, there are a lot of expenses that you have to cover. The list is endless, ranging from your tuition fee to books and food. However, transportation is among those expenses that you must pay attention to at any cost. Transportation takes significant chunks of your student expenses. There are many alternatives and methods that you can use to save some bucks. Do you know a student opal card can be one of the perfect tools to enhance your savings and maximize your benefits?ย 

Student opal cards give students a lot of discounts, weekly caps, and many other benefits. Also, it is convenient to use these cards. You can use these cards on the metro, buses, rails, or ferries. So, why are you not taking advantage of these services? Why are you not taking advantage of these benefits? So, without waiting any further, follow these tips and get exclusive benefits in transportation by using student opal cards.ย 


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