Staying healthy is priority number one, especially when youโ€™re a busy student. All that hard work can leave you feeling run down if you donโ€™t take the time to eat well! Grocery shopping can be time consuming and expensive, but not as much as eating takeout or junk food on the regular. Taking a few minutes each week to plan out your store run will save you time, money, and energy, not to mention health issues down the road.

Harris Teeter aims to solve all your grocery needs with their one-stop-shop food and pharmacy model. Not only can you find healthy, delicious food to eat, but theyโ€™ve got all your supplement and prescription needs covered, too! Fresh produce, quality proteins and healthy snacks can all be found under the same roof as over the counter remedies, vitamins, and prescriptions. Sounds like a time and money saver for students, right?

To redeem your student discount, simply register with your student ID at their customer service desk. Youโ€™ll get 10% off at any of Harris Teeterโ€™s many locations through their College Rewards program, so get your list ready and go shopping!

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