Part of student life is learning to care for yourself, and that includes cooking. Itโ€™s not only healthier to cook at home than to eat out all the time, but itโ€™s also better for your budget and a valuable life skill to learn. But shopping, cooking, and recipe research all take up another valuable resource students are lacking โ€” the time to do it all!

Thankfully, there are ways around the time crunch that comes along with eating healthy meals prepared at home. HelloFresh is one of these, offering hundreds of recipes, meal plans, and delicious options to suit the preferences of any aspiring home chef. They offer customizable ingredients for any meal box you order, and the options change weekly so youโ€™ll never have bored tastebuds again!

How To Get The HelloFresh College Student Discount

HelloFresh wants to inspire everyone to cook healthy, delicious meals at home, including the budget (and time) conscious student. College students can get a great deal through Hello Fresh and Unidays, with 15% off every box you order! Just sign up through this convenient page to receive your discount โ€” but be prepared to start feeling hungry once you see all the delicious recipes!

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