Moving out of the family home and venturing out into the big wide world is full of challenges. However, few hurdles are bigger or more practical than having to cook for yourself for the first time- especially if youโ€™ve never spent long in the kitchen! If you know the struggle, then youโ€™ll love Home Chef, a much-loved meal delivery service that sets out to simplify home cooking.

Thereโ€™s a lot to love about the Home Chef meal kits. Not only can you easily adjust your order to match what (and how much!) you like to eat, but there are also easy-to-follow instructions that accompany each dish. As their website says, youโ€™ll be able to โ€œcreate and plate delicious meals in about 30 minutesโ€.

How To Get The Home Chef College Student Discount

Then thereโ€™s the student discount. Accessed through StudentBeans and/or the Home Chef website, you can get $116 off a Home Chef subscription. That works out as $30 off the first three boxes and $26 off your fourth! Simply click the links to either site and follow the instructions from there.

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