Student Discounts: The Perks of Being a Student

If someone were to walk up to you on the street and offer you a handful of free cash, you would probably not refuse it. However, you could be shutting the figurative door in their face if you are a student and donโ€™t take advantage of student discounts many businesses offer. Itโ€™s like saying no to free money.

Businesses All Over America Offer Student Discounts

Your plastic university ID might seem like a minor annoyance sometimes, but it has its uses. You should carry it with you everywhere, not just because itโ€™s a photo ID, but also because you never know when it might score you some cool deals from local businesses.

Student discounts can be found in Cinemas, beauty supply or service shops like Bellus Academy and Toes & Tips, and restaurants like HuHot Mongolian Grill and Smashburger.

Whenever you buy any sort of tickets, whether it be for a concert, a play, or the zoo, ask about student discounts. Donโ€™t be shy. These services are offered for the specific reason of helping you, the student.

Student Discounts Exist Everywhere Online

If you order used textbooks from Amazon, youโ€™re probably already aware of the student discount they offer for free shipping (if not, you should totally get in on that). But is that the only discount youโ€™re getting for yourself online? Shame on you!

Pretty much any major purchase online can be discounted for students. Major computer and software companies offer deals for students, including Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Corel, and Adobe. For clothing and other shopping needs, J.Crew, Banana Republic, ShoeBuy and Kenneth Cole also offer discounts.

Insurance Companies

Some students save money by not having a car. Walking or riding a bike is definitely cheaper than driving, but for some of us, that is simply not an option. Whether you are paying for your insurance or your parents are, it would benefit you to check and see if you are getting a student discount. Some companies, like Geico and Esurance, even offer discounts based on your grades. Others, however, like Allstate, donโ€™t have any stipulation on grades.

Travel Cheaper

Here at Study Perks, we help students find deals on cheaper flights, hotels and other travel arrangements. Bus companies, like Greyhound and Coach USA, also offer student deals. Donโ€™t forget to look around for deals if youโ€™re going abroad. Eurail and Rail Europe, youth hostels and more can make a huge financial difference, whether youโ€™re traveling for a vacation or studying abroad.

Student discounts can be found for nearly any monetary expense a student could possibly encounter, it just might take a little search engine know-how. Taking the time to discover those money-saving opportunities will not only make your wallet a little fatter but could make some memorable life experiences possible.

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