Fashion brands donโ€™t get much more iconic than Doc Martens. With a long history that stretches back to England in the early 20th century, their footwear has been symbols of self-expression, attitude, and individuality for decades! They arenโ€™t just aesthetically pleasing either. Initially made and worn as work boots, Dr. Martens also offer a high degree of comfort and durability.

For these reasons and others, Dr. Martens have been celebrated by students on both sides of the Atlantic since the 1970s. And, thanks to the sizeable student discount theyโ€™re currently offering, this trendโ€™s unlikely to end any time soon! With 15% off their products available to anybody in higher education, you can take home a pair of their shoes, boots, sandals, and accessories (including bags and backpacks) for a relative steal.

How To Get The Doc Martens College Student Discount

Chomping at the bit to claim your Doc Martenโ€™s discount? Start by setting up an account on UNiDAYS. Once theyโ€™ve validated your student status, you can click on the relevant promotion to receive a unique discount code for use on Doc Martenโ€™s website. Apply it at checkout and voila, 15% off!ย 

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