As a student, thereโ€™s likely to be times when youโ€™ll need the perfect bag. Whether itโ€™s to travel home for the holidays, head off on an adventure with friends, or simply carry your everyday essentials while youโ€™re out and about, having the right bag makes all the difference. But quality bags arenโ€™t cheap, so how can a studentโ€™s budget manage a purchase like this?

Vera Bradley is the go-to retailer for all things bag, accessory, and apparel. Their multitude of different styles, colors, patterns, and collaborations makes it super fun to browse their site, and easy to find something you love! Next time youโ€™re looking for the perfect bag, Vera Bradley is the place to check out first. You definitely wonโ€™t be disappointed (or leave empty handed)!

How To Get The Vera Bradley College Student Discount

Vera Bradley offers โ€œappreciation discountsโ€ to a wide variety of groups, which just so happens to include students. Youโ€™ll receive a generous 15% off when shopping through their site, giving you even more reasons to shop for your new favorite bag! Youโ€™ll have to verify your student status through, but thatโ€™s a quick and easy process. Go to their site for details and get your new bag/accessories/apparel at a great bargain!

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