Driving is a privilege that many students enjoy, and rightly so. Having your own car (or the use of someone elseโ€™s) gives you the freedom to go where you like at a momentโ€™s notice, which is a big step up from bumming rides in your pre-license days! But having a car means youโ€™ll need good insurance, and younger drivers often pay higher rates than more experienced ones. How can a student afford good insurance on a tight budget?

Geico is a big name in the insurance industry, and theyโ€™ve earned it. From their adorable Gecko mascot to their top tier insurance coverage and amazing customer service, theyโ€™re doing everything important to the best of their ability! From speedy accident assistance to friendly agents going the extra mile to help, Geico is definitely an insurance carrier worth considering.

How To Get The Geico Good College Student Discount

Geico knows that driving as a young adult can be expensive, and theyโ€™re willing to help you out however they can. While they donโ€™t offer a specific student discount until you create your policy, their website mentions discounts between $100 and $200 on premiums, and even more potential for discounts beyond that! To see how much savings you could qualify for, go here for more info. Happy (and safe) driving!

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