Driving is the ultimate freedom, especially for students. Being able to go where you want at a momentโ€™s notice, and without relying on anyone for help is one of the best aspects of adulthood! However, considering the fact that drivers between the ages of 16 and 25 pay the most for insurance, simply keeping your car on the road can be a costly endeavor.

USAA is a financial services company that serves active and formerly active military personnel and their families. They offer banking, investment options, retirement services, and insurance for most of lifeโ€™s elements โ€” including home, life, and auto. USAA serves any military member regardless of their status, whether active or honorably discharged; making life easier for military veterans and their families everywhere.

How To Get The USAA Good College Student Discount

While auto insurance can be pricey for students, it doesnโ€™t have to be according to USAA. Students that have at least a B average and are in school full-time can earn a Good Student discount on their policy, making it easier to afford the freedom driving provides. Go to this page for details and see if you qualify!

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