Style is as important as being active when youโ€™re a student. Wearing clothes that are as comfortable as they are stylish can be a challenge, but itโ€™s not always necessary to sacrifice one for the other. While there are days that you just want to be comfy and donโ€™t care as much about your look, this isnโ€™t something you want to do 24/7. So how do you combine comfort and style without having to sacrifice?

Lacoste has the answer to this very question. Their aim is for you to feel as good as you look, and theyโ€™re succeeding at this big time. The first ever clothing brand to display a logo on their product (love that adorable crocodile!), Lacoste has been around for almost a century, producing high caliber clothing for men, women and children alike.

How To Get Your Lacoste College Student Discount

Grab your 15% Lacoste student discount through MyUnidays when you sign up for a free account. Just enter some basic info, verify your student status, and instantly you’re free to do your shopping (and saving!) for the clothes, shoes and accessories you love!

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