Being a student is hard on the body, with long periods of sitting combined with running hurriedly from class to class. Itโ€™s easy to let your fitness routine slide when youโ€™re super busy, but did you know that you might actually be more productive if you took more time to care for your health? Exercising regularly gives you more energy and contributes to a clearer mind as well, so itโ€™s definitely something to consider!

Lifetime Fitness is a great place to explore your fitness options, and theyโ€™ve got something for everyone. From energizing group classes to luxurious pools, fitness equipment and country club style amenities, youโ€™d be hard pressed not to find something you can vibe with here! Plus, with locations all over the country they make it even easier to get your fitness regime in check!

Lifetime has a student discount, though exactly how much will depend on your location. The best way to find out is to visit this page, find the location nearest you, and get saving so you can start enjoying the benefits of a healthier body and mind!

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