Staying in shape can be a tricky task considering the time constraints of academic life, but it can be done. A great way to do this is to sign up for fitness classes.

Not only will the financial commitment motivate you, but youโ€™ll find a community to join as well. You may have found quite a few options around for yoga, but another option for fitness classes is spinning โ€” riding an exercise bike in pace with an instructor and a group of your peers.

The SoulCycle student discount makes this an easy optionโ€ฆif youโ€™re able to get it.

SoulCycle is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) versions of spinning classes around. Started in NYC and now spread out all over the country, itโ€™s the name you think of when spinning classes come to mind.

Their brand has been well known for years and has grown from a spinning studio into an online retailer for gear, spinning bikes, and even has an app!

How To Get the SoulCycle Student Discount

While they donโ€™t specify on their website, sources say that students can pay as low as $20 for classes at select studios. Depending on your location, you could be spinning for a lot less than the original cost of up to $36 per class!

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