Most of us know that it pays to be handy. Not only in the literal sense (construction and mechanical jobs are some of the best paid), but in the figurative sense as well. How many times has something broken and you wished you could fix it yourself? For vocational students, this is part of their training. But what about other students?

Mac Tools is a tool provider that has seen many changes in their 83 years of operation. From their humble beginnings in 1938 to now offering over 42,000 items in their extensive catalog, this company knows what it means to grow over time. Kind of like student life, right?

How To Get The Mac Tools Student Discount

For students, Mac Tools offers a generous discount of 50% off most of their products. Whether you need a wrench, a set of pliers, or something more heavy duty like a power tool, itโ€™s pretty safe to say theyโ€™ve got you covered. To redeem your special offer simply create a student account, and Mac Tools will take you the rest of the way.

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