College is a great time for finding yourself, especially in the fashion department. Now that youโ€™re an independent young adult, you get to choose what you wear, how you style yourself, and where to shop for your favorite looks! While many students might opt for the traditional, popular looks that everyone wears, some of you prefer a more unique sense of style โ€” which is where you can really shine.ย 

Originating in a San Francisco apartment 13 years ago, Nasty Gal has since grown into a well-known brand that aims to celebrate the badass that resides in every woman โ€” whether she knows it yet, or not. Intent on encouraging women to be who they are without apologizing for it, their wide selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories appeal to those who want to make a bold statement while being admired from afar.

How To Get The Nasty Gal College Student Discount

To be a statement-maker through your wardrobe is a bold and brave move, which not everyone is willing to do. Nasty Gal wants to reward those of you who are, and even have multiple ways to get you the savings you deserve! Sign up through either Student Beans or Unidays and get yourself a nice discount of 25% off at Nasty Gal. Just head to this page to choose your desired discount partner, and in minutes youโ€™ll be shopping away!

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