Online shopping is fun but can be time consuming, especially when you have to look for all your favorite things in different places. While itโ€™s more convenient than going to actual stores, it can still be a lot for the time-conscious student!

Having everything you need (okay, want) in one place makes the clothes shopping experience so much easier, and saves your precious time, too!

The Peacocks Student Discount was made for you!

Peacocks is a UK based online clothing retailer, and they have literally everything you need to look and feel your best, all in one place. From tops to loungewear, dresses to jeans, every man, woman and even child will have a great time finding their new favorites here!

About Peacocks College Student Discount

Peacocks provide a 20% discount to students; all you have to do is sign up for a free account with Student Beans. Just enter some basic information, and you can shop till you drop โ€” without denting your wallet too much at that.

For a few minutes of your time, youโ€™re well on your way to looking great โ€” and the savings will feel even better!

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