Traveling home for the holidays, or maybe just taking some time off to get away from the daily grind? Airline tickets and hotels are among the highest expenses when it comes to traveling, and a student budget might not cut it.

Thankfully, there are all sorts of deals on traveling costs, and you can find tickets, rooms, and more for a way better deal than you would purchasing directly.

Priceline is a verifiable source when it comes to booking trips for less, and helps thousands of people book their dream vacations for a bargain every day.

While this is great news in itself, it gets even better: Priceline offers a student discount, too, so you can get even more bang for your buck when traveling!

How To Get The Priceline Student Discount

Students can get up to 60% off Priceline’s already-low rates by signing up with Verify Pass. Simply verify your student info, get your approval email, and you’re free to travel to wherever you please. If you needed a reason to take some time off this is it, so get packing!


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