Having a car in college is awesome. It gives you the freedom to come and go as you please, makes running errands a breeze, and opens the door to jobs that are further away too. The only trouble? Money!

As a young person, finding car insurance that doesnโ€™t break the bank can feel almost impossible. Judged to be riskier than other drivers, companies quote sky-high prices that are unfeasible for students on a budget.

Thankfully, Progressive Car Insurance can help. They understand that every cent counts when youโ€™re a student and, for that reason, offer an array of discounts to people in your position.

How To Get The Progressive College Student Discount

Examples include the โ€œgood studentโ€ discount of 10% (for full-time students under 23-years old who maintain a B average or better) and โ€œdistant studentโ€ discount (for students aged under 22, attend a school thatโ€™s 100+ miles away from home, and donโ€™t have a car with them). And if youโ€™re 18 or younger, you qualify immediately for โ€œtheir teen driverโ€ discount!

Unlike some other insurance companies, Progressive itself is a top-rated provider in the industry that provides 24/7 support. From insuring your automobile to your belongings, theyโ€™ve got you covered (โ€ฆliterally). Learn more by clicking here.

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