Going out into the world for the first time as a young adult can be equal parts liberating and terrifying. College is an exciting time to be sure but living alone can be scary when youโ€™re not used to it! Thankfully, we live in the age of advanced technology, which means you can easily access security systems to make yourself feel more comfortable in your new digs. But arenโ€™t these things expensive on a studentโ€™s budget?

Ring is famous for their doorbell cameras and is one of the first retailers to offer this technology to people everywhere. Knowing whoโ€™s at your door without having to open it brings people peace of mind, allowing them to feel safer in their own homes. Their inventory doesnโ€™t stop at doorbell cameras, though โ€” you can also order a full home security system if that makes you feel safer. Students everywhere can sleep better at night thanks to Ring!

How To Get The Ring College Student Discount

Feeling safe is priceless, but that means nothing if you canโ€™t afford it. To offset some of the expense and help you feel more comfortable in your home, Ring offers a 20% discount on their products to select groups, including college students. Just verify your info with Verify Pass, and youโ€™ll instantly unlock a discount code to use at checkout when you order your new security system or doorbell camera!

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