Connection is everything these days, especially for students that are far away from those they love. Having a reliable phone and internet carrier to back you up when you need it most is like a lifeline directly to home and can make all the difference to your college experience. Not only that, but quality internet is essential for completing coursework, too! But arenโ€™t these things expensive when youโ€™re on a budget?

Verizon is well known for being the most reliable network there is โ€” and that goes for phone and internet service alike. Their coverage map is no joke and is the most inclusive one in the country. Verizonโ€™s top-tier service is highly coveted by those on a limited budget, but it doesnโ€™t have to be that way for students!

How To Get The Verizon College Student Discount

Verizon knows the importance of connection for students and offers deals on both internet and phone services to help offset some of your costs. Students can save up to $25 monthly on unlimited mobile plans, and $10 monthly on internet service by going here. Try out Verizon at a discount and see what quality service really means!

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