Photography is an amazing way to see the world through different eyes. Students of photography are a lucky bunch; they get to do what they love all day long! Putting your creative spin on something can completely change the way people see it, a true art form that so many people love to witness.

While photography is an amazing choice of career, the equipment doesnโ€™t come cheap. Every photographer knows that your equipment makes the shots โ€” for better or worse. So how does a budget conscious college student make this work?t

How To Get The Sony College Student Discount

Sony, the leading brand of photography equipment, has a solution to this timeless problem. Theyโ€™ve created a community for students called #SONYEDU โ€” a place where creative photography students can not only go for special pricing on equipment, but also to learn more about their craft. This community offers several benefits for creatives like you, from rebates on equipment to knowledge, inspiration, and much more. Simply create your free account and find out whatโ€™s waiting for you!

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