Chances are youโ€™ve heard of The North Face before, as the brand is extremely popular. The company is one of the most well-known retailers for outdoor recreation gear and apparel.ย 

The North Face offers a wide variety of gear for camping, such as tents and sleeping bags. However, what the average student probably knows them best for is their high-quality and extremely jackets. The North Face has become extremely popular as a brand, and the sight of the logo on a jacket denotes a quality product.

College students tend to lean toward fashion and brands that are in popular demand, and The North Face fits the bill. The prices on the jackets can be a bit high, but fortunately The North Face offers a student discount.

How To Get The North Face College Student Discount

If you want to take advantage of the student discount to get 10% off either in store or online. The discount can be used once every 30 days. To get started, simply go to the student discount page on The North Face website, and click verify student status. From there, you will fill out a short form with information about yoruself and your university, then submit to receive your promo code.

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