Footwear is one of the most important purchases we can make. While itโ€™s obviously important to look stylish, comfort and foot health are equally crucial when buying boots and shoes! Thereโ€™s no point looking great only to feel pain and suffering later โ€” but high-quality footwear comes at a steep price, especially when youโ€™re a budget-conscious student.ย 

UGG is the quintessential footwear brand that put their flagship boots on the map. Hailing from Australia, their expertly crafted boots, shoes, clothing, and accessories are created with both comfort and style in mind. Theyโ€™re also super eco-friendly, ensuring that animal welfare remains a priority when sourcing their materials. Talk about a great place to shop, right?

How To Get The Ugg College Student Discount

UGG offers a 10% student discount through Unidays, which is super helpful for shopping high-quality styles on a budget. Just sign up for your free account, enter your student details, and youโ€™ll be shopping in no time. Even better: UGG also offers a discounted rate several times each year through their Closet program. Check out the details on this page while youโ€™re signing up for your discount and save even more!

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