Video is everything for young people, and students are no exception. Whether you just love to watch or are a budding film star, thereโ€™s always entertainment to be found in the video department!

With all the platforms to watch and create on, students have their pick of the litter. But when you want a premium membership to these platforms, it can get a little pricey on a student budget!

Vimeo lets users watch, create, store, and share videos all in one place. Their options are various in terms of what you can do on the platform, and they aim to help anyone who wants to create do just that in the simplest way possible. Their premium plans include all sorts of perks such as secure storage, unlimited video streaming, and more.ย 

About The Vimeo Student Discount Rate

Vimeo also offers a generous 50% discount to students! They partner with Student Beans, making it even easier to create, share, and enjoy your videos for a great price. Simply sign up for a free account, verify your student info, and youโ€™re all set to stream, create, share and store your favorite videos!

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