Are you involved and/or interested in the medical profession? Well, you may have come across Epocrates already! A trusted and widely-used mobile medical reference app, itโ€™s been providing essential clinical information to its users since 1998. From insights on drugs and diseases to dosing and diagnostics, Epocrates has become a go-to resource for countless medical professionals.

And thereโ€™s good news if youโ€™re a medical student with a medical education number too: you can currently access Epocrates for free for the duration of your studies! Thatโ€™s a big deal considering the annual subscription for this software usually costs $159. Get ready for premium clinical content on your mobile 24/7 at no cost whatsoever.

How To Get The Epocrates College Student Discount

Attaining this Epocrates discount is easy as well. You simply create an account online via their website, select โ€œupgrade for freeโ€, and enter your ME number on the platform. Need further guidance? Donโ€™t worry. You can follow these instructions from Epocrates for more information on the setup process.

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