Having a quality internet connection is one of the most important things youโ€™ll need as a student. Buffering during lecture videos, slow upload speeds and internet crashes are a huge inconvenience when youโ€™re doing important work โ€” and can mean the difference between a high score and a failing grade. The excuse โ€œthe dog ate my homeworkโ€ is no longer a valid one in this day and age, but teachers donโ€™t really want to hear that your internet went out on you either!

How To Get The Xfinity Student Discount

Xfinity Wi-Fi is the leading provider of internet services, and thereโ€™s a good reason for that. Their speeds and quality are second to none, giving you all the advantages that you need when it comes to getting your hard work turned in on time. Their student offers include things like a $100 prepaid VISA card, 6 months free Amazon Music, and special pricing on their super-fast internet for students. Just go here and enter your info to see how much you can save!

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