Music, funny animal videos, and memes are a great way to pass the time after a long day. With so many streaming platforms available, thereโ€™s entertainment out there to satisfy everyone’s taste! But in order to stream without the presence of those annoying ads, signing up for a premium membership is often necessary. Whatโ€™s a budget-constricted student to do in those cases?

YouTube is the original video sharing platform, only growing in both quality and popularity since its release in 2005. What started as a place where anyone could share their home videos has become an all-inclusive community full of information, entertainment, and educational resources. YouTube Premium was launched in 2014 to allow viewers to skip the ads all together, and itโ€™s loved by students everywhere!

How To Get The Youtube College Student Discount

YouTube Premium is a great deal already, but students can get an even lower price than most. Youโ€™ll start your membership with 3 months free, and only pay $6.99 a month following that. Thatโ€™s almost 50% off the regular price, so jump on this deal right away! To enjoy ad-free streaming with YouTube Premium, just head over to YouTube, choose Premium from the menu, and sign up for your discounted rate! Happy streaming!

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