As you come of age, itโ€™s common to start wondering more about where you come from. Unless youโ€™ve got a detailed family tree going back multiple generations, thereโ€™s probably a ton of amazing information in your familyโ€™s past that you havenโ€™t discovered yet! Thanks to our modern technology, itโ€™s now easier than ever to delve into our roots. But genealogy testing is expensive, so how can a student afford it?

23andMe is the leading provider of ancestry records and genealogy testing in the nation. Their platform is super intuitive and allows you to go way back into your family tree, giving you insight into your ancestors and the history of your past. This platform can give you clues into your health, genealogy, and where your ancestors likely came from. Itโ€™s a family tree encyclopedia โ€” you can find out pretty much anything about your familyโ€™s past!

How To Get The 23andMe College Student Discount

23andMe knows that student life is tough on the wallet, but they also understand how important it is to get in touch with your roots. They offer discounts on two of their most popular services: the Ancestry + Traits service ($79), and the Health + Ancestry service ($99). Choose whichever service fits your curiosity level on this page and get the details youโ€™ve been looking for!

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