Keeping up with fitness is always important, but even more so when you spend as much time sitting as a student does. It can be hard to find the motivation when your brain is exhausted from learning all day. One great way is to buy yourself some cute active wear: youโ€™ll look forward to wearing them and feel inspired to get moving! The cost of good quality workout clothes can be high, however, but donโ€™t let that put you off.

AYBL is a top-notch womenโ€™s active wear brand that will no doubt inspire you to get your fitness routine in check. With everything from leggings to sports bras, crop tops to hoodies, youโ€™re all but guaranteed to find something (or everything!) you love here. Their collections such as Pulse, Animal and Camo ensure that thereโ€™s a style everyone will love!

AYBL makes it easy to redeem your 10% student discount by partnering with Student Beans. Simply sign up for your free account, verify your student info, and activate your discount immediately. Youโ€™ll be shopping in just a few minutes, finding the perfect work out gear for your style!

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