Textbooks and supplies are some of the biggest expenses students have to front during their time at college. Heck, last year, the average full-time undergrad spent a whopping $1240 on them! According to the same source, around 25% of students work extra hours just to afford their books and materials. And even scarier than that? 11% skipped meals because of it.ย 

Know the struggle? Well, Chegg is a company youโ€™ll want to check out ASAP. Not only do they promise to save students up to 90% off textbooks, but this service also provides professional proofreading, 24/7 help with your assignments, as well as expert insights on specific topics and other invaluable study tools.

How To Get The Chegg College Student Discount

To sweeten the deal, youโ€™ll find two available student discounts for Chegg. Available via Student Beans, you can claim 50% off your first month on Chegg Study and/or 25% off your first monthโ€™s subscription to the Chegg Study Pack.

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