Personal style is a statement that you make to the world, and everyone has their own ideas about what that means. Being unique sets you apart from the rest of society, and college is the perfect time to make your style your own. Wearing what makes you happy is the most important thing about style โ€” and some people appreciate the retro looks more than others.

Converse set their own style decades ago, and the world caught on fast. Their iconic Chucks set the stage for shoe lovers everywhere to do their own unique thing, and theyโ€™ve been evolving ever since. From a shoe retailer with a limited selection, theyโ€™ve transformed to a brand with multiple styles, and included clothing, accessories, and all sorts of other awesome items into their lineup.

How To Get The Converse College Student Discount

Converse helps students express their uniqueness by making the cost of their products more manageable. Their student discount offers a nice 10% off, giving you even more reason to stay true to your personal style. Just visit their discount page, verify your student status, and you can shop for your favorites in minutes! ย 

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