IT is a field that many students choose to pursue. Itโ€™s interesting, lucrative, and in high demand, so it only makes sense that youโ€™d want to get involved! However, some colleges are limited in what they can teach you, and there are specialty fields that arenโ€™t always easy to access materials on. While you can find training resources on your own, theyโ€™re usually on the pricey side. So, what are your options?

CompTIA is an online learning academy that teaches all things IT. You can study at your own pace (read: between classes), learn everything about your desired field, and get certified to prove your skills once youโ€™re finished! With all the options available at CompTIA, itโ€™s no wonder so many students choose them for their IT learning resources!

How To Get The CompTIA College Student Discount

CompTIA recognizes that being a student is a strain on the wallet. Their courses can get a little pricey, yes, but theyโ€™re working with you to make getting the education you want more accessible. Their discounts are ranging depending on the category, but active students can get 20% off certain products, with the opportunity for full scholarships on others! Just check out this post that explains it all. Happy learning!ย 

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