These days it pays to know code — literally. Whether you’re a coding student looking for some extra knowledge or want to start a side hustle as a website builder, there are only so many classes you can take at your college or university. Sometimes you need a specialized platform that teaches exactly what you need to know and has all the resources you need all in one place. These specialty platforms usually cost a bit, though, so what’s a budget conscious student to do?

How To Get The Datacamp College Student Discount

Datacamp has all the information you need on one easy to navigate platform. With courses on programs like Python, Oracle, Git, and many others, you’ll find everything right here. Their instructors are top notch, and their courses are endless — over 360 to choose from! You’ll have unlimited access to everything they offer with their special student pricing, which is a whopping 50% off. Go here and check it out to see how much you can learn for this great price!

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