Entertainment is something we all need, and hard-working students deserve to enjoy themselves as much as (if not more than) the rest of us! While hanging out with friends at coffee shops and parties is a great way to blow off steam, every once in a while, you just want a quiet evening to yourself, right?ย 

This is where having something interesting to watch can come in handy, but the cost of streaming services can really add up. Thankfully, streaming providers understand your budget restrictions and are offering discounts to offset the cost somewhat. Discovery + is one of these providers, and their discount is extremely generous!

How To Get The Discovery+ College Student Discount

For just $2.99 a month, youโ€™ll get unlimited access to Discovery + and all the amazing shows it has to offer. Whether youโ€™re into nature documentaries, home-themed shows, cooking shows or even crime dramas, youโ€™ll definitely find a ton of interesting options here! Simply sign up and verify your student status, and youโ€™ll be able to stream all your faves in no time!

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