Makeup is a statement, and an artistic form of self-expression. It goes so much further than the right color combinations โ€” finding the look that makes you feel amazing inside and out is a moment that every makeup artist looks forward to. However, quality products donโ€™t come cheap, and cheap products arenโ€™t going to cut it.

e.l.f. is a makeup retailer that goes above and beyond their inventory in the best way. Not only do they have every product you can imagine, but they also have a skincare line, makeup tutorials, and even go so far as to match you with your perfect shade! For the novice makeup artist this is a dream come true, but the veterans love e.l.f. just as much.

How To Get The e.l.f. College Student Discount

e.l.f. has partnered with Student Beans to offer a generous 20% student discount. You have to sign up for their Beauty Squad membership to access your discount code, but itโ€™s free and there are so many perks itโ€™s totally worth it! Just sign up with Student Beans and enter your details, claim your deal, and start shopping for your new favorites!

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