Style is the ultimate form of self-expression; the statement you make to the world. This is especially true when it comes to makeup: you can literally create your own look with the colors, brands, and products you love! However, quality makeup comes at quality prices, which arenโ€™t always in line with a studentโ€™s limited budget.ย 

Morphe is a makeup brand inspired by artists and creators and aims to help everyone access their favorite products โ€” no matter their budget. Started in LA in 2008, theyโ€™ve spent over a decade making self-expression an art form, allowing everyone to do the same without putting a dent in their wallet. No wonder students love this brand, they literally make self-expression easier!

How To Get The Morphe College Student Discount

Morphe offers a generous student discount of 10% in store and 20% online thatโ€™s super easy to sign up for. Theyโ€™re partnered with Unidays, so a few minutes is all youโ€™ll need to start saving! Just sign up for a free Unidays account (or sign in if you already have one), enter some basic student info, and start shopping for your new favorites!ย 

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