Keeping up with your self-care routine is even more important when youโ€™re a student. Making the time to prioritize yourself will help you feel better in your day to day, getting you through those classes and homework assignments with a clearer head. But makeup, skin care, and other self-care must-haves can get confusing, especially with all those questionable ingredients some of them use!

Tarte aims to solve that problem for you, and theyโ€™re doing a great job so far. Their products are formulated without harsh ingredients or dangerous chemicals, leaving you with nothing but your natural beauty to enjoy. Using gentle, natural ingredients is a great way to practice self-care, and you can do just that when you choose Tarte products!

How To Get The Tarte College Student Discount

Tarte wants to make your shopping experience even better by helping out with the budget side of things. Their discount provides you with 15% off, so you can avoid harsh ingredients and harsh prices all at once! Just sign up for a free account with Unidays, provide some basic info, and you can shop for your new favorites at even better prices!

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