Self-care is always important, but even more so when youโ€™re constantly busy. Student skin needs love too, even though it can be hard to carve out that extra time for yourself!

Although it sounds counterintuitive, itโ€™s actually helpful to your productivity to spend a little time pampering yourself: you get the much-needed relaxation you deserve, which helps both physical and mental health in the long run!ย 

Enter Foreo: a creative Swedish company that launched in 2013 with just one product, they now create multiple amazing skin and oral care devices to help you get the most out of your self-care routine.

They believe that the healthiest skin begins with a good cleanse, and their devices help you do just that! They also have cosmetics and accessories, too, just in case you want to boost your self-care routine even more.

How To Get The Foreo Student Discount

The Foreo student discount is through Student Beans, making it super easy for you to claim your 17% off! Just sign up for a free account to verify your student info, and in a few minutes, youโ€™ll be on your way to self-care bliss!ย 

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