Studying, pulling all-nighters, and sitting in lectures all day can be taxing to the body and mind. While of course itโ€™s important to stay focused and keep up with your course load, everyone needs a break once in a while. However, vacations donโ€™t always come cheap, and with your student budget it may feel impossible to escape the daily grind. Thankfully, this isnโ€™t always true!

Getaway was created to give people an excuse to get back to their roots โ€” literally. Their unique business model encourages people looking for a much-needed break to spend time away from constant connection, and their tiny cabins in nature spots nationwide allow you to do just that. With locations all over the country you really can get away whenever you feel the need, even if itโ€™s not far from home!

How To Get The Getaway College Student Discount

Getaway knows the common stressors of student life and offers a 15% student discount to help busy scholars reset and recharge within their budget. Just go here and enter your student email to verify your identity and in minutes youโ€™ll be able to book your getaway!

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