A Thrift Store in a shopping mall.

Itโ€™s become a popular activity to purchase secondhand or gently used clothing, which is great for those on a budget as well as our planet. Commonly known as thrifting, itโ€™s become a trend to shop at consignment, thrift, and secondhand stores, and itโ€™s about time. So much waste is saved when people recycle and reuse, and this applies to fashion, too!ย 

Goodwill is the name most people automatically think of when they consider going thrifting. They have stores all over the country and are well-known for their great deals on clothes, shoes, accessories, instruments, and even home goods. The fact that theyโ€™ve been around so long just goes to show that they know what theyโ€™re doing โ€” 120 years in business is a long time!

How To Get The Goodwill College Student Discount

Goodwill aims to help students even more by providing generous discounts when you shop with them. You have to visit a Goodwill store on Tuesdays to snag your discount, and donโ€™t forget to bring your school ID along to show the cashier. Do this, and youโ€™ll get 20% off your thrifting trip โ€” massive savings on whatโ€™s already a great deal!

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