These days everythingโ€™s recorded, allowing some truly unbelievable moments to be shared with those that missed them the first time. With everyone owning smart phones and new cameras being created all the time, itโ€™s no wonder weโ€™ve turned into such a media-friendly culture! People want to watch and re-watch their experiences, and who can blame them?ย 

GoPro is one of the first hands-free cameras to hit the market, and itโ€™s not slowing down any time soon. Most commonly seen on the helmets of motorcyclists and extreme sports enthusiasts, these little cameras have captured some incredible footage that could never be seen until they came along. Students especially love GoPro โ€” their active, exciting lifestyles make them the perfect companion!

How To Get The GoPro College Student Discount

GoPro offers a generous student discount on their HERO10 Black model through Unidays. Just sign up for your free account, enter your info, and youโ€™ll get a whopping $210 off! Thatโ€™s 210 reasons to act fast. You can be making amazing memories to share with anyone you like in no time!

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