Keeping up with current happenings is important to most people, especially sports fans. Knowing whatโ€™s going on with your favorite team, what games to look forward to, and anything else sports related is a priority when youโ€™re a sports fan, which so many students are these days. But how do you know which source to trust with your beloved sports articles?ย 

The Athletic is a great example of a well-known and respected sports authority, providing up-to-date information on everything sports related. Whether you love basketball, football, hockey, baseball, or any sport for that matter, youโ€™ll find expertly reported articles on all of them here. Having one source for all your sports news is super convenient, especially for students with limited free time!

How To Get The The Athletic College Student Discount

The Athletic understands the time and budget demands on college students and wants to make your busy life a little easier. Their student plan is generously discounted at 50% off, making it the low price of $35.99 a year for all four years! Just sign up on their site with a student email and verify your status. Simple as that!

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