Creativity is something we all possess, though many of us donโ€™t have the time (or the money) to pursue our creative outlets. Being a student means youโ€™re even more limited on time and money than most people, so itโ€™s easy to dismiss the creative nudges that come along. But making time for your creative genius to shine is even more important when youโ€™re extra busy โ€” it gives you back your zest for life!

Logic Pro is an amazing way to harness your inner creative. It provides a huge selection of tools to help you with your musical pursuits, including song writing, beat making, mixing, mastering, and more. Itโ€™s literally everything you need to make the perfect track from start to finish, right there at your fingertips. Students everywhere can have a great time being creative with Logic Pro!

How To Get The Logic Pro College Student Discount

Apple recognizes that a big part of their success is thanks to students, so theyโ€™re giving back by offering a student discount on many of their products. Though they donโ€™t go into detail, they mention that most of their discounts are in the 10% range, which includes hardware and software products โ€” like Logic Pro. Go here to read all the juicy details, get your discount, and start honoring your inner creative!

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