Marshall Headphones

When it comes to students (and the general public, for that matter), music is everything. Whether you prefer your relaxing tunes at a low volume to help you focus or a loud, amped up party vibe, music is a huge part of student life!

Having a high-quality speaker or set of headphones (or both) to give you access to your favorite playlist on demand is a no-brainer, but as we all know, these items do not come cheap โ€” especially if you want them to last longer than your favorite song.

Marshall offers quality equipment such as headphones, speakers and accessories that guarantee your tunes will keep playing as long as you want them to. Their student discount gives you 15% off, and like others on our site, theyโ€™re also associated with Student Beans.

How To Get The Marshall Headphonesย 

To get your student discount, simply log in or sign up for a new Student Beans account, get your discount code and enter it at checkout. Itโ€™s that easy! Before you know it, youโ€™ll be vibing to your tunes and your wallet will thank you.

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