It’s no secret that the internet is everything in this day and age, especially for students now that so many elements of school are available online. But when you need to be connected so much, one thing that can slow you down is a low-quality connection. This frustration doesn’t have to be yours, however, as there are more options for speedy, reliable internet service than ever before!

Metronet provides exceptional quality fiberoptic internet, promising stable speeds, and reasonable prices, too. They offer different plans with speeds up to 1 Gig, with no data caps or long-term contracts to worry about. For internet this fast and reliable you’d expect to pay a pretty penny, but not with Metronet, and especially not with their student discount!

Metronet’s student special offer includes their 100 Mb plan for $39.95 a month, 500 Mb for $49.95, and 1 Gig for $59.95. Prices increase after the first 6 months but stay within a very reasonable range. Just sign up here and get ready to experience blazing fast internet speeds like you’ve never seen before!


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Parallels Desktop For Mac